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However large your database is and however whimsical and demanding your customers are, we will be able to cope with that. We offer help with the most diverse projects: from creation of complex CRM systems to integration of various means of communication into one mechanism, from development of search engine robots to detailed analysis of consumers’ behavior on your website.

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For us, there are no limits. And there no standard projects either. What it means is essentially individual approach to every order with adherence to the inner logic of your unique business model. Tell us about your vision of the project, and our programmers will work out the best way to put it into action.

One approach, multiple solutions

Our company has an extensive experience in the field of e-commerce. We know how to provide full and comprehensive support of online projects from start to finish. You will certainly turn to us if you want to have a reliable customer support department that consists of experienced specialists. And, most importantly, you will be completely confident in these people and will not hesitate to entrust them with communication with your customers.

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Another sphere where we managed to achieve results we take pride in is content management. We will be able to fill your project with meaningful text where every letter matters. No fluff at all. Only the information that is fully reflective of your activities and strengths.

The guarantee of high conversion rate

When we are talking about high-quality and effective advertising, we do not only mean the picture the potential consumer can see. In case of online projects, their successful functioning requires working with the target audience incessantly and analyzing consumers’ behavior on the website in detail. We have accumulated substantial experience in this area by having worked on all kinds of projects, so we are 100% sure of the final result.

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You do not need to be familiar with the nuances of marketing, such as user interface, user experience, conducting focus groups, A/B testing or lead generation. We are ready to take on responsibility for the organization of the entire process and we are willing help you create YOUR perfect project, elaborating on every stage of the work to a T. Besides that, you will be able to count on our specialists in the issues of SEO optimization of your website (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex) or the development of modern and exclusive SMM in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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How we do it


We do not have a special formula of happiness: we simply know and love what we do, and that’s what makes Hexa bound for success. But that’s not yet all.

We are trying to sustain the atmosphere of ease where everyone can develop their potential and strengths to the fullest. This way, we are building a team of professional and purposeful people that are an important prerequisite of any successful company.

As to our overall approach to work, we follow in the footsteps of the legendary Sherlock Holmes and apply the deductive method of problem solving, i.e. we envision the holistic picture of what we need to achieve in the end before we break down the work process into several stages. We believe that it allows us to manage our time in the most rational way, while also controlling the operation of the whole company effectively.