In-House Technical Writer

Our company is growing so fast that even our large army of freelance writers cannot handle the ever increasing number of orders we have. Thus, we desperately need a highly-qualified In-House Tech Writer who can help us with urgent orders eight hours per day.

You are our perfect candidate if:

  • your English is nothing short of perfect;
  • you have a university degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent preferred;
  • you have an ability to understand technical content and strong base knowledge providing technical researches;
  • engineering background (Mech, Civil, EEE, ECE, E&I, etc.) is a plus;
  • understanding of software development process is a plus;
  • APA, MLA and Chicago don’t sound Greek to you;
  • you have awful scruples of conscience about delaying orders, so it never happens;
  • you are polite and friendly in your communication with customers, however weird they may be;
  • you always follow specifications carefully and try to do your best even if they are confusingly unclear.
In our company, you will have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of orders and to learn something new every day, receiving the salary that other writing companies only pay to native speakers. Sounds like a dream? But that’s not yet all!

We can also offer:

  • official employment;
  • comfortable office with Game Room;
  • friendly atmosphere;
  • unlimited supply of coffee and cookies to spur your creativity!
So, if you are confident in your writing skills and you want to convert them into cash, while also enjoying numerous non-monetary benefits, don’t hesitate to contact us!